Compaq Laptop Service Center In Kolkata

Logic Infosys offers a easy servicing of Compaq laptop 24 hours. The laptop has a built in rechargeable battery that allows working of the device without hampering the worker. It works without failure such that the saving of the document is not at all a problem. But in case of any unforeseen circumstances the experienced technicians and latest technological trends of Compaq Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata is best solution for you.

So, visit Laptop Service Center in Kolkata and get your laptop repaired! Call us at +91 33 40643157 / 9903847043 / 8017357243.

Opportunities Provided by Compaq Laptop Centre, Kolkata:

  • strong team of capable technicians.
  • All latest technological trends.
  • Low rate and lesser time in working.
  • Maximum 5 days and minimum 2 days are required for repair.
  • All problems are solved easily.
  • Cost of repairs and replacements suits the budget.
  • Clean procedure.
  • Provide free pickup and delivery service to all over Kolkata and also all over west Bengal.
  • Customer satisfaction is principal followed.

Basic Reasons for repair:

  • Shattering screen or when the LCD is not working.
  • Screen problems.
  • Problems related with booting.
  • Power faults and failures.
  • LCD problems.
  • Keyboard problems.
  • Adapter or battery problems.

Working Procedure:

Compaq Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata work to satisfy the customers. We receive customer’s sign on all laptop spare parts (like DVD, keyboard, hard disk, ram etc.) and give a receipt copy to customer. we don’t take any service charge if customer do not agree with the estimated cost and want back the laptop without service.

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