Now a day Lenovo becomes one of the popular laptop company among consumers through its latest designs and manufactures. The users of Lenovo laptop seem to be happy with its overall performance and functionality. But some users face that Lenovo laptop is running slow or not running in case of some issues. For which you can follow the following information or can contact to a well known service centre to get instant repair or replacement.

Issues of Lenovo Laptops and their solutions:

Over-heating Issue

This is the most common problem of Lenovo laptop that users meet with. The laptop suddenly shuts down and the CPU fans are working much noisy than before.

Try to avoid the usage of laptop while charging as well as do not open several apps and features at a time as these may cause the over-heating issue.

Clear the cache, stored in the background of apps which reduce over-heating issues and give your device some free space.

Battery-draining Issue

Few users also face problems with the battery and can’t use for long time. It is suggested to use original battery charger and turning off the connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. while charging. Avoid playing high-resolution games and live wallpapers as they cause for battery-draining Issue.

Lenovo DC Jack

If you feel that the DC jack is loosen or not working properly, Lenovo laptop service in Kolkata repair DC Jacks to a higher standard. 

Lenovo Keyboard

Missing keys, water spill, buttons keep popping off are such familiar problems of keyboard. Lenovo laptop keyboard repair and replacement have been done in an affordable way.

Any type of Motherboard Fault

Motherboards control the Audio, Video, Power, USB, Fire wire, and Keyboard/ToucLenovoad all these hardware issues. An important motherboard failure is laptop turn on without showing any image on the screen and after a few seconds it turns off by itself. Try to replacing memory to reduce this.

Lenovo LCD & Backlight

Cracked Screen, Images keep flickering are vital issues may be seen in Lenovo laptop. Blocks or lines of information, scratched surface, defective backlight or no display function at all of Lenovo LCD monitor can be replaceable as-new performance.

Besides all such issues there are some major hardware and software cases you can’t solve by yourselves:

  • Lenovo Laptop LCD screen is very dim / dark
  • Backlight problem / inverter problem
  • Display only visible on external monitor but not visible on laptop LCD screen
  • GPU / Graphics card problem / distorted display
  • Laptop Virus Removal
  • Solutions and repairs for “blue screens of death” and freezing symptoms
  • Removal of annoying popup and spyware from laptop
  • Lenovo Liquid spill repairs (cola, water, coffee, tea, wine)
  • Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts (LCD cover / base cover)
  • Laptop Data and File backup services etc.

For these you have to visit to a Lenovo laptop repair centre to get a constant result of your problems. Logic Infosys Lenovo laptop service centre in Kolkata is one such option for you that not only provide genuine replacements of the spare parts and specialized servicing in affordable price but also provide punctual pickup and delivery to all over Kolkata.